What forms of payment do you accept?

PayPal and most common credit/debit cards.

Do you do sessions outside of the DFW area?

Generally we do not, but depending on the situation, we might be willing to consider it with an additional fee added (see pricing page).

Are you able to do indoor studio sessions?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

Can I pick the location of our photo session?

Depending on the distance, we are always open to our client's suggestions for location.

What if I need to cancel?

Beginning January 1, 2021, we will require a 25% scheduling deposit. If you cancel your session and do not reschedule it within 14 days, that deposit will not be refunded. The purpose of the scheduling deposit is to lock in your date and time for your session. Last-minute cancellations don't generally allow us to book another client that quickly. We will not lock in your date and time until the Scheduling Deposit is paid.

When do I pay the balance for the Photography Session?

When all editing of the digital photos is complete, you will receive an invoice asking you to pay the balance of the photo session fee. Upon receipt of your payment, we will e-mail you a link to your personal gallery, along with a password to enter and a password to download your photos. You will also have the option to purchase printables with your photos.

Can I have the unedited/raw files of my photos?

We do not provide the raw or unedited photos as the price being paid for the session is including the selection of photos to edit and editing time.

Will you retouch how I look in the photos?

I use creative judgment by default when editing, but if there is something specific you would like retouched, you need to let me know BEFORE the photo session. If you let me know AFTER the session is complete, there WILL be an additional charge.

Can I/We pick which photos you post on your website or social media?

No. We might share any of the photos in your gallery; however, they will only be used for my business promotion. We will not disclose client personal information.

Can I post the photos you took on my social media?

Absolutely you can. We would appreciate if you provide attribution by noting our website along with the photo. Ex. Photos taken by www.emjdigitalarts.com